economy candy

store1When I think of the name Economy Candy, I think of economies of scale = large quantities, and that is exactly what this store is. This old candy store on Rivington in LES has been around since 1937 selling store 3candy upon candy. Anything you can think of, they have. Hand dipped chocolates, nuts of all kinds, every flavor of M&M’s and jelly beans – and of which they have sugar free and kosher varieties of all of these. All the colors from the different candy boxes make it seem like you’re in the middle of a beautiful piece of graffiti.  But what I enjoyed most about the store is their wide selection of the candy that we had growing up. For exactly, they have Pez candy and dispensers in all sizes and characters; they have Sugar Daddy’s; they have Nerds and they even have Nik L Nips!  It’s a fun fun store to store 5peruse through their stock candy displayed from floor to ceiling AND a great store to pick up a novelty gift for someone.    store 4

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About cara protzko

I am a mid 30's married woman looking to take advantage of all that NYC has to offer. My husband and I enjoy finding the little under the radar gems that can sometimes be overlooked or pushed to the side when the next big hot spot arrives. We love exploring the high and low brow, decadent and primitive. My goal is to share what we've found with all of you.
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