dinner and a movie

top floor bar

I don’t go to the movies very often, but when I do, my new go-to spot is the NiteHawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  What’s great about this theater is that you can enjoy food and drinks while sitting and watching the movie.  For every 2 seats, there is a table in between large enough for 2 plates and some drinks. The theater seats you 30 minutes before the movie giving you plenty of time to find your seat and to put your order in.

inside 2nd floor bar
inside theater

inside the theater

They have 2 bars, one that is street level with outdoor seating and 1 upstairs inside, offering a place to hang out should you arrive way in advance of the screening or want to grab something else after the movie. They only have a few theaters but they do show new movies.   This cinema also has shows old movies.  Each month, movies are chosen based on a specific theme.  Each month, Friday nights at midnight Nitehawk is screening old movies consistent with a different theme.  For the month of July, the Nitehawk is showing movies specific to what they have chosen as “Hot Summer in the City” screenings.  Saturdays at 12 noon, they screen another set movies.  In July, this theme of movies is “Screaming Technicolor”.

The menu is extensive and the food is good.  They offer entrees for brunch, lunch and dinner.  Nitehawk gets cute with their menu, customizing drinks and food offerings to compliment the theme of the month.

It’s a fun place to see a movie and the $11 ticket price isn’t bad for NYC.

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