drinking clean… well mostly

signIf you speak to the new yorkers that spent quite a bit of time in the dance/club scene, they would probably tell you that it’s a shame that the good places closed down and that there aren’t too many true quality dance places in NY any more. As with most of the world, NY is ever changing and evolving and always the trends setter and market leader.  Now I can’t speak to the degree of hipsterness and fun music that the reviews of the 205 Club claim but I can speak to the new establishment that opened in the space called Cocktail Bodega.

juicesWe are mostly through January and hopefully we’re all still working on our resolutions – to be a new and improved us.  Cocktail Bodega is just the place to keep with the goal of consuming “clean” foods, while not entirely ignoring our vices. CB is a place to grab a spiked fresh pressed juice or smoothie with the perfect amount of liquor so that you taste it (and feel it) but doesn’t mask the freshness and goodness of this power drink. The menu does list some suggested combinations of various fruit or vegetables with their idea of alcohol however the bartender is open to you crafting your own combination.

The duo behind Cocktail Bodega is the same due behind Sons of Essex (my next stop), known for great drinks, a good vibe playing old-school hip-hop and a great menu by a Hell’s Kitchen” Season 5 Chef Seth LevineupstairsI had stopped into Cocktail Bodega the Saturday after Thanksgiving with the foresight that it would be quiet so I didn’t get a good feel for what the after hours partying would be like but it did give me an opportunity to take free and unobstructed tour of the space.  The ground floor is decorated with a bright 50’s diner style feel using bright colors and old coolers.  Downstairs is their CBU, Cocktail Bodega Underground, keeping most of the 205 Club lounge / dance area and attempting to keep the hipster – old new york – graffiti decorative vibe.

graffiti             downstairs

Just as Sons of Essex has Chef Seth Levine, Cocktail Bodega has commissioned Bravo’s Chef Roble to create an Asian inspired food menu.  We ordered the Jerked Chicken Satay and the Spare Ribs both tasted very good but maybe not so good to support our New Year’s resolutions.  Hey – at the time it, NYE was 6 weeks away and besides studies show that cheating is actually good for the diet.

chicken satay             ribs

I haven’t heard too much noise about Cocktail Bodega, however, I do recommend you checking it out – it’s a good place to begin the night.  The basis behind a hangover is the deficiency of vitamins so maybe having drinks at Cocktail Bodega is the solution to drinking without the consequences!

If the vitamins in the Cocktail Bodega drinks weren’t enough to rid yourself of a hangover and need another boost of vitamins, check out local nutrient enhanced beverage producer Vitamin Juice sold in stores all around NYC.

UPDATE: This place is now closed

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