Refocusing LBT in NYC

cole haan campaign(courtesy of At the onset of  the new year, I promised myself that I would take this blog to the next level. At the time, I didn’t quite now what that next level was.

I love Cole Haan’s most recent advertisement; have you seen the posters? It said “be more interesting tomorrow than you are today”. I often think about how I can live up to that statement.

I haven’t been posting too much recently because I have been feeling I didn’t have enough content to post about a particular subject. I also began to feel like I was competing with so many other major publications as a resource rather than what I intended to do was be informative, in a fun way both myself and my readers. And what better way to brand the blog than with myself, this 5 foot 100 pound Little Big Thing living, breathing, loving NYC!

So here it goes, I hereby promise this blog, myself and my readers (hi mom) to post a minimum of 2x a week beginning today.

QuestloveHere goes – Yesterday (April 25, 2013), a coworker and I got into Flavorpill’s ABSOLUT® Lunch Break dance party with DJ Questlove that took place at Marquee.  It was SUPER fun! Quest was amazing playing all of the old school hip hop hot tracks from when I was growing up. The energy was amazing! Everyone got right into it dancing away knowing that they only had an hour to ingest all that they could.

They sent us home a brown lunch prepared pb&j lunchby The Jam Stand full of gourmet PB&J’s, a banana and a kind bar.  Knowing that a superior or 2 of mine might be reading this, so I want to be “absolutely” clear that we didn’t have any of the complimentary ABSOLUT® drinks as I don’t drink on the job 🙂 but I will say it was so fun and of course so new york – underground dance party in the middle of the day?  A great way to kick off the weekend.

Today is about family. I am spending the day with a friend first participating in the Parkinson’s walk through Central Park followed by a fundraiser she put together in memory of her dad.  The weather is gorgeous and there are a few other “races” going on today so the energy will be high.  As spring approaches, we should all be celebrating life.  Enjoy it!

About cara protzko

A wanderlust at heart, I believe there is no better city to explore than NYC. With so much culture to experience, both old and new, my mission is to share my under the radar findings to enhance the experiences of the locals and the full-time NYC wanderers. I want my experiences and this blog be your go-to place for insider tips as you travel and explore this great city.
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