jazz age lawn party

Camera RollA few weeks ago, I attended the Saturday session of the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island.   With all of the hype of The Great Gatsby film and the roaring 20’s parties that supported it,  I was particular interested to see to what extent New Yorkers would “bring it” for this party and of course they did.  As I overheard a guy behind me in line say “It is like playing pretend for grown ups” and that it was. It’s a one of a kind event and not one to miss. This was the 8th annual event and if you’ve never been, I recommend that you attend a party to check it out for yourself.

billWe were able to take a free ferry from BK Heights to Governors Island where the eating, drinking, dancing and socializing began at 11am.  I took my fair share of photos to post here on the blog until of course I saw THE man himself and thought there is no way I can compete with Bill Cunningham. Although I included a small collage of the pictures that I took, rather than give any further  details of the day, I will do him the honors of allowing him to shine with what he does best in his “Flapper’s Delight” story in the NY Times.    http://www.nytimes.com/video/2013/06/21/fashion/100000002294752/bill-cunningham-june-16.html

I do have one follow up piece of information.  Bill mentions that it costs an entrance fee st germainof $30 which you can purchase to enter the grounds. You can do this and bring your own picnic, however, I purchased a ticket through Gilt Group for $50 which included 5 alcoholic drinks (St. Germain was there serving up a sangria and a bubbly cocktail as was Brooklyn Brewery beer) and a lunch box that included a sandwich of your choice, a side salad and a dessert.  Look for that deal to come around again for the parties in August. 

However, right now Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra are selling tickets to their 4th of July Riverboat Ball where you can drink dance and dine along the Hudson and under the fireworks. (hint: you might even be able to find discounted tickets on Urban Daddy!)

Happy Flapping!

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