it’s never too late for christmas lights

{written in 2014, however all info is still very much valid} My husband found an article in the Industry Magazine about a “Christmas Lights Tour” through Dyker Heights and put it in his back pocket to surprise me at a later date.  Last night being the 26th, with a lull in the holiday plans, he figured it was a good day to execute.  All I knew was that I had to dress warm and wear comfortable shoes.

A quick side note, before leaving for our big walk, we had some Chinese for dinner.  Check out my fortune that was inside my cookie……


I really had no idea where we were going.  I thought maybe we were doing one of those scavenger hunts but after taking the R train all of the way out to 86th Street in Bay Ridge I figured that wasn’t what we were up to.  If you’ve never been, 86th street is a main commercial drag with stores and restaurants so what we actually embarked on totally threw me for a loop.


Within a 4 block and 3 avenue radius, we were swallowed up by lights upon lights on the most gorgeous homes.  It was a magical and romantic setting, like an enchanted forest of Christmas decorations.

The Industry Magazine line offers an organized tour.  No need for that.  For just cost of a roundtrip subway ride, you can take your own tour.  See the advice here provided by “Free Tours by Foot

We weren’t the only ones to do the tour on our own; policemen were needed to control the congestion of the onlookers that flocked by foot and by vehicle.


I don’t want to give too much away because you really need to see this magnitude for yourself, but I think the picture really captures the lollapalooza of the holiday season.

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