sugar and the sphinx ….

updated 6/1/14 – and now for my review

Taking advantage of a gorgeous Saturday morning, I arrived at the Domino Sugar Factory at 11am, 1 hour before it was supposed to open, still to be the 10th person in line. SPF on, I was able to catch up on phone calls as Jayson biked to get bagels and lox from the hot new Black Seed Bagel spot in LES (think perfect sized bagel, not too big, slightly doughy, slightly crispy with Ben’s cream cheese and the perfect amount of tender perfectly sliced salmon).

At exactly 12 noon, after signing a waiver, we were free to roam a not only iconic branded visual of our East River skyline but also aniconic staple of our NY’s economic history.  Upon walking in, you can smell the residue of molasses and cooked sugar that remain on the columns and in the grains of the wood on the walls.  Supposedly the building that we were in housed the sugar which I’d like to believe what we are seeing on the top of the planks near the ceiling.


wall 2

You knew being here in this building was a once in a lifetime opportunity and were honored to share a piece of NY history.

But the piece de resistance was Kara Walker’sSubtlety” and from the back it was anything but.  The picture below conveniently covers up the brilliant detail that makes no mistake this sphinx is a female.  An object that is yelling out to all females that it is possible to be powerful and that you should be proud of who you are.


Riding back over the Williamsburg Bridge later in the afternoon, I took this last photo..


The exhibit will be here until July 6th, you should definitely check it out.  By the time we left, the line had extended 4 blocks down the street, but I agree that “the early bird catches the worm”.  Not only did we have less people to rub elbows with inside, but by 12:30 we had the afternoon to explore the Bushwick Open Studios. However long  you have to wait, it is well worth it.


posted 5/26/14

I’m dying to check out the last of the domino sugar factory before its completely destroyed AND Kara Walker’s installation.  Knowing NYers the way I know them, if you’re not some where when it first opens that be prepared to wait … and wait …. in line.  I haven’t had the opportunity to do so and therefore haven’t made the trek over there. BUT next Saturday my husband are going to strap on our skates and roll our way to Williamsburg. This is a must see. In the meantime, check out the Curbed article that does this story justice and check back for some of my own personal touches to this story. sugar and the sphinx

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