sofar sounds

You don’t have to go “so far” to hear some sounds yet you don’t know exactly where you’re going to hear those sounds until the day before nor do you know what you’re going to hear until you’re there.  This is the magic and the allure behind Sofar Sounds.

Having started in London back in 2006, and now in over 200 cities around the globe, Sofar Sounds brings a new excitement to listening to live music.  They showcase small, amazing talented artists, that have tremendous potential to make it big.  Sofar has created a community around the artists AND the spectators in the form of intimate events (around 50 audience members) located in unique spaces (possibly somebody’s apartment or distillery).

I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in 2 events “so far” – one in someone’s cool Bushwick loft apartment, where it was BYOB ….


and the other in a small intimate bar / lounge in Prospect Heights called Ode to Babel, which for obvious reasons wasn’t a BYOB but did offer descent food and (my fav) Rose on tap….

Back to the music… which is really the reason I can’t wait to attend another event.  I’m not one of those people that tends to dissect a movie immediately walking out of the theater after seeing it.  I usually have to sit with it and digest the story for a few days.  However, after seeing the Sofar shows I’m so moved by the talent and the passion and the originality that I find it difficult to not ask my guest which artist he/she liked most.  And 2 out of the 2 times that I’ve asked the question, the answer has not been easy to answer. The artists are, just as I mentioned – original – the genre, the sound, the passion, their story.

A show is a must see, and I promise, whichever show you choose to attend, you won’t be disappointed.  The only drawback, which is also my word of advice, is that you have to plan ahead, that you can’t roll up into a show the same night.  So be sure to get your ticket(s) in advance…  Happy Sofar-ing!




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A wanderlust at heart, I believe there is no better city to explore than NYC. With so much culture to experience, both old and new, my mission is to share my under the radar findings to enhance the experiences of the locals and the full-time NYC wanderers. I want my experiences and this blog be your go-to place for insider tips as you travel and explore this great city.
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