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Refocusing LBT in NYC

(courtesy of At the onset of  the new year, I promised myself that I would take this blog to the next level. At the time, I didn’t quite now what that next level was. I love Cole Haan’s most recent … Continue reading

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international pillow fight day

This weekend, Union Square Park will host its annual pillow fight.  It’s a day to cancel your therapist appointment, sleep in and all you need to participate (aside from frustration and energy but you have that covered) is your pillow. … Continue reading

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sheep in bryant park!

A few weeks ago, Prince Charles brought his “Campaign for Wool” to the US, particularly to Bryant Park September 27th to promote the wool industry calling it “Wool Uncovered”. 30 sheep were brought in from an upstate farm and were … Continue reading

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diner en blanc

(8/22/12 – and now for my full report)   By now, you’ve probably seen a ton of press regarding Monday night’s flash mob secret all white dinner party.  My report is that yes, it was THAT exciting, it was THAT elegant … Continue reading

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