brooklyn night bazaar …. new and improved

(updated November 3rd, 2013)  This past Friday, November 1st, Brooklyn Night Bazaar debuted in its new permanent Greenpoint space on the corner of Banker and Norman Streets (rather than in Williamsburg as it was last year).

The below post was written during the 2012 holiday season. Please continue to read it as the concept is still the same – a night filled with art, food, shopping, bands and ping pong – but bigger and better and all year round!  Don’t forget to check their calendar for updated events and vendors!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar perfectly synced its opening night last weekend with the kick off of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday.  BK Night Bazaar, is well, how do you say, very Brooklyn.  Piggy backing off the success of Urban Space’s bazaar in Dekalb Market, the Bazaar moved indoors for the winter to Williamsburg into a huge 40,000 square foot, 2 room warehouse.

from the top

The main room houses booths filled with independent vendors, local food vendors, a beer and wine garden with picnic tables to enjoy drinks from local breweries and wineries

food     food 2

and a stage for bands and DJ’s to accompany a dance floor to let it all out and even some art scattered throughout the warehouse.  The 2nd room has a few more vendors which anchors a soccer “field” and about 15 ping pong tables brought to you by Table Tennis Nation

ping pong

Just as Dekalb Market is, BK Night Bazaar is an urban destination, a place to visit and hang rather than a place to run errands.  You can have a drink, catch a live show, play some ping pong or soccer and even get your holiday shopping done all under one roof. And the shopping is abundant. Some of the items sold include the usual hair accessories, jewelry, hats and scarves; but there are also some very interesting tables; for example, one selling gorgeous square over the shoulder purses,



Line Posters of mass transit systems from around the world ……

line posters

and even my favorite table – Wonder Lee 123 Lego bow-ties ……………

Lego bow-ties

It’s a fun place to roam around, talk to interesting people and to just hang out. AND if this tires you out, there is a small loft on a floor above to step away from it all, where you meditate and take a breather from Brooklyn and the holiday craziness.

dance floor

The bazaar runs Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm – 12 midnight; this weekend and the next 3 weekends through December 22nd. Entrance is Free so don’t hesitate to check it out. While you’re there, stop by Antoinette‘s table to wish Lexi a congratulations on making it to Racked’s NYC’s 38 Best Vintage Stores.

Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you ate what you drank or what you purchased at the Bazaar!

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